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Why Choose Atlas?

-Not To Exceed Quote

A "not to exceed" quote is the most consumer friendly contract available. It protects you, the customer. If the actual weight and services turns out to be less than what was quoted to you, the price you pay decreases. If the actual weight and services turns out to be more than what was quoted, and no additional services were requested after the estimate was signed, the price DOES NOT go up. Basically it is a win-win situation for you, our client.

-Live Customer Service 24 / 7

When you move across time zones, whether it is in the country or abroad, you may not always be on our schedule. If you have a question, thought, or concern, your representative is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week through cell phone or email. Once you choose Atlas, our experienced relocation specialists will put every concern you might have to rest. If a situation arises, we will not rest until it is rectified to your satisfaction.

-Over 50 Years Experience

We have been moving families since 1947. With over fifty years experience, we have discovered that a proactive approach is the best way to manage a client's relocation. Our experienced associates will foresee any problems that may arise and make provisions ahead of time to ensure a smooth relocation. Should a situation arise, our experienced associates will know exactly how to rectify the issue to achieve a speedy, satisfactory solution with your best interests in mind.

-Move Management

The single most important aspect of moving is communication. In addition to 24 hour a day access, we'd like to also show you what other communications we would have with you to ensure that the quality of service we provide is done to your high expectations. The move management process is designed so that we are able to anticipate situations that may be developing, and resolve them before they become a problem. We will assign a specific, experienced Move Coordinator to your relocation. Below is a list of each phone call (with it's approximate time and purpose) that you will receive from us regarding your relocation to ensure that we are all on the same page each step of the way:

72 hours before the Loading Day
Confirm the driver's assignment
24 hours before the Packing Day
Confirm arrival time, day(s) of packing, quality check
24 hours before the Loading Day
Confirm arrival time, day(s) of loading, quality check
48 hours before the First Day of Delivery
Confirm delivery date
24 hours before the First Day of Delivery
Confirm day(s) of delivery, quality check
One week after the move
Follow-up call

Each one of these conversations is designed so that we can make sure you are completely aware of exactly how we plan to give you outstanding service. They also provide ample time for you to ask any question that you might have during this process.

-Flexible Payment Options

Payment can be made by certified check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or direct invoice to your company.

-Why us?

We strive on a positive customer experience every single time. No one wants to let just anyone handle their precious possessions. If you are completely satisfied with our services, then your friends and associates will be too. Because we consider every client a potential lead source for future clients, we will do everything in our power to make sure you are completely comfortable and confident with our services.